Cosmas has a reputation of offering peerless quality products with finished molecules. It is a top notch manufacturer of WHO GMP approved Lyophilized Injection, Liquid Injection, tablets, capsules, Betalactam & Non-Betalactam liquid & dry syrups. It has sophisticated manufacturing facilities in Ludhiyana (Punjab) and Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) are equipped with ultramodern infrastructure with world-class facilities.

  • First manufacturing unit at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh dedicated to production of tablets, capsules, liquid orals, sachets & dry syrups
  • Second unit in Ludhiana, Punjab has two formulation blocks dedicated to Cephalosporin & Oncology segment
  • The second advanced unit complies with the norms
  • Dedicated manufacturing facility to Cephalosporins & Oncology
  • All the Buildings are controlled by BMS system, imported from Sauter Race, Switzerland

These fully automated manufacturing units are equipped with the modern production as well as assembly lines.

Salient features of Cephalosporin Block:

1. Automatic powder transfer system in OSD in a closed loop

2. Injectable lines imported from Macofar (Italy) with RABS technology

3. High production capacity

4. Plant specially designed at low RH & temperature, most suitable for Clavulanic Acid preparation

5. Water system completely fitted with ‘Zero Dead Lag Valves’ of GEMU (Germany), to avoid microbial growth

6. Dehumidification system imported from Munters

Salient features of Oncology Block:

1. Compatible with OEL level-5

2. All the machines have been imported from IMA, Italy

3. Powder transfer system, specially designed for compatible with exposure levels, having WIP & CIP system

4. OSD has a single pot processor which is the latest technology for online granulation

5. Facility of lyophilisation with IMA Edwards Lyo

6. All the machines are 21-CFR, Part-11 compliant

Production Capacities:

Tablets : 1800 million*

Capsules : 180 million*

Liquid Orals : 25 million*

Dry Syrups : 12 million*

* per annum manufacturing capacity

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